We are a Historical European Martial Arts (Hema) club located in Düsseldorf.
We teach, study, train and spar unarmed and with different weapons based on written historical sources.

Longsword is taught in the Liechtenauer tradition with Peter von Danzig and Sigmund Ringeck as primary sources.

Wrestling and dagger fighting is taught based on different late medieval times and early renaissance sources.

An thrust and cut oriented version of the rapier (today often refereed as sidesword) is taught together with its off-hand weapons (parrying dagger, cloak) primary bases on Joachim Meyer 1560 fechtbuch “Gründtliche Beschreibung der freyen Ritterlichen und Adelichen kunst des Fechtens”.

In the gentleman-fight-club (coming soon) we (will) train with the walking sticks and the sabre based on different source of the 19. century (using Alfred Hutton and Thomas H. Monstery as primary source for the sabre and the walking stick, respectively).